50 Days (32nd. Day).

on domingo, mayo 29, 2011
Every days, in the moments when I stay alone with myself, always I wonder: How do you feel?... My answer never is the same... But I try to know if I can found something inside of me.

In the last days, I wondered if I´m returning to these days, when I wrote just for me... Every days I wonder too if somebody can hear me out there? I wonder if my words can serve for someone someday?... I don´t know, but sometimes I like think... Well... I like to imagine that the answer is: "Yes!"...

Sometimes, when I feel strange or a having to do; I thinking about two answers what I saw in my most recent english classes:

"If you could live the life of any person in History, whose would you choose?
Why that person's? Is there a famous person whose life you would definitely not choose? Why?"...

What are some of the things your are thankful for?
How would you life be different without them?"

Have you ever told the people responsible then how you feel? If not, why not?...

Well... These are profund questions, but I think so I don't like be a different person... I don´t like live other life, because I believe in all the things I've experienced, have helped me become who I am. Only for this, I think so I don´t like be other person, not even any person of the history.

About the second question, it´s very more complicated... I think so I've always been very hermetic person... But, I try to be honest, I feel grateful for life, especially those who have placed in muy life.

I like to tell many things today, but I think: this make sense?.... I don´t know... today only needed to talk about everything I think and feel.

P.S. I don´t know if this text has been written correctly in English... but I stared to thinking in this lenguague and I need to practice, if I want to learn...

Thanks for other day. 

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Y acá aplicaría eso de te voy a ca--- a trompadas, y bueeeeno...chale!!!!!

Yo tengo un celu LG TACTIL!!!!!!!!