Happy Birthday Sarah Brightman.

on domingo, agosto 14, 2011


I send this message because only I need to tell you: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

I miss your music, your voice, your magic charm; and I hope this silence is because you might be working on a new album.

Remember something: It's no doesn't matter how many time you takes to return, because you know, your fans will never forget you.

Thanks for fill our lives with your music,  for giving us your art, and may be God fill you with blessings always, not only in this day, and wherever your spend a great day by your family and people who are special and important for you.

Please, come back soon!!!

P.S: Thanks for rescuing me tonight with this beautiful song from "The Phantom of The Opera".

Happy Birthday Sarah!!!

2 comentarios:

Vane dijo...

Feliz cumpleaños para Sarah y también para mi hermano.

Martuchis dijo...


Ayer en la madrugada que hice el post si recordé que es el cumpleaños de tu hermano también. Espero que este Domingo él y todos ustedes lo hayan pasado bien.